About Us

Online OSHA safety training.com was created in 2006. We saw the need for an organized and highly-efficient method to not only list but offer all the OSHA required work and worker safety regulatory courses and tests.

Office Locations

We currently have offices in Columbus Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Los Angeles California. The location of our offices was directly associated with the need to have adequate customer service contact coverage throughout not one region of the United States but the entire US! If you have any questions concerning any of our OSHA required safety training courses and other products please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Founders are Highly Qualified and Highly Experienced in the Following Fields and Sciences

  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Risk Financing and Insurance Management
  • Lost Prevention and Safety
  • Claims and Litigation Management
  • Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Occupational Safety Program Development
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Actuary Methodology

As you can see we not only provide an excellent and all-inclusive resource for OSHA related safety training courses we also have spent thousands of classroom and in the field hours pertaining to everything that is necessary for worker and workplace safety education. Along with this great educational experience we also have a very intense and deeply correlated relationship with our client base you! We strive to work hard and deliver honest and effective customer service solutions to offer only the most factual and beneficial OSHA compliant and worker and work safety related training courses.

Real Clients not Numbers

With this focus on customer service, education and related experiences in the field along with a keen and sharpened eye on quality control, Online OSHA Safety Training.com stands behind each and every product and service that we offer to you. Never do we allow numbers to take the place of real live workers as we realize it is the supervisors and hard-working people of America that are the only reason why we are in business and why we got into the business of offering OSHA safety training courses in the first place! Our online courses are 100% OSHA compliant along with being guaranteed as the most up-to-date with codes and standards of all in the business of work and worker safety training courses. Our team was built to serve you and never do we allow one minute of the day to pass by without keeping that in both the forefront of our minds and in our hearts. You will not find a more qualified or experienced group of caring and industry related in the field experts than what you just have found here at OnlineOshaSafetyTraining.com.

Powered by 360Training

We have teamed up with 360Training to bring you the best online courses available. Our online courses are 100% OSHA compliant for online delivery and IACET authorized to provide CEU credits. Find out for yourself why more people turn to OnlineOshaSafetyTraining.com and 360Training to fulfill their compliance needs.

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