HAZWOPER 40-hour, 24- hour, & 8-hour Refresher

8 Hour Annual Refresher

The importance is always on safety! To refresh the earlier Hazwoper safety training you will be that better prepared to meet the demands and the potential dangers of not only working in and around hazardous work environments but also how to better protect both yourself and your workers that are around and even in these toxic sites.


24-Hour Course

The Hazwoper 24 Hour Training Course allows entry by OSHA accepted workers, into hazardous worksites and accepted governmental toxic waste areas. All successful students who have taken and passed the Hazwoper 24 Hour Training Course, which is OSHA accepted and accepted for online distributions.


40-Hour Course

The Hazwoper 40 Hour Safety Training Course is a wonderful lesson that is designed specifically for workers who are in the business of cleanup operations as well as voluntary cleanup situations that occur from time to time on different work sites throughout the United States. Along with the cleanup operation.


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