Insurance Reviews

As most of the owners, contractors and builders depend on their insurance agent or broker to evaluate their construction risks and exposures; this is the main reason why we created the Online OSHA Safety Training Reviews Section here on the site. We saw the need and fulfilled that need with an offering of our expertise. What we can do for you and Youre Company is to structure a cost-effective insurance program, and procure the most appropriate loss control and claim administration services.

Construction Industry Experience

However, if an agent or broker does not possess the required construction industry experience, or is unfamiliar with the risks and/or loss exposures associated with a specific construction class of business, it is difficult for an owner, contractor or builder to obtain an optimal result.

Pride in Work

Most if not all insurance agents and brokers are not educated in the realm of real, viable, present day insurance reviews. Therefore, owners, contractors and builders should be more proactive in selecting a qualified insurance or risk management professional that can recommend and structure a comprehensive risk management program that encapsulates all of their risks and loss exposures. This will significantly mitigate the potential of any coverage gaps and/or purchasing insurance that is not necessary, which is not a very cost-effective outcome on a new, or on a renewal of an existing program.

Risk Management Services

Insurance reviews are one of the risk management services provided by Online OSHA Safety Training, and an area we separate ourselves from other insurance or risk management consultants. We use quantitative and qualitative methods in our risk review analysis to identity and minimize a client’s risks and loss exposures.

Online OSHA Safety Training

Online OSHA Safety Training assists owners, contractors and builders with designing insurance and risk management programs to incorporate required policies, coverages and limits, and facilitate the insurance underwriting process. We help contractors understand the underwriting process and assist them in providing their insurance agent or broker with the appropriate information and documentation required by insurance underwriters. This can significantly expedite the underwriter’s review process and improve a client’s ability to obtain the most competitive insurance pricing, coverage and limits, based on a client’s specific loss experience and risk profile.

Insurance Program Reviews

When requested, Online OSHA Safety Training will assist in negotiating insurance pricing, broader coverage terms, and higher limits in order to achieve maximum coverage at a reasonable premium.

Online OSHA Safety Training provides the following Insurance-related services:

  • Insurance Program Reviews
  • Policy Reviews and Analyses
  • Coverage Reviews and Analyses
  • Insurance Clause, Endorsement and Edition Date Reviews
  • CGL Policy Design Liability Exclusions (CG 2279 and CG 2280)
  • Underlying Coverages and Limits, and Excess (Umbrella)
  • Project-Specific Policy Reviews (PMPL, OCP, etc.)
  • Insurance Coverage Comparisons
  • Guaranteed Cost vs. Loss-Sensitive
  • Policy Coverage Gap and/or Overlap Reviews
  • Existing Coverages vs. Actual Exposures Review
  • Conventional Insurance vs. Alternative Risk Financing
  • Self-Insurance Feasibility Studies
  • Underwriting Risk Assessments
  • Loss Experience Review and Analysis
  • Contractors Professional Liability Reviews
  • Wrap-Up Insurance Program Reviews
  • Subcontractor Default Insurance Reviews

Online OSHA Safety Training can provide Insurance Reviews for a number of reasons. The primary reason is when a contractor’s construction business operations change and they require a thorough review and evaluation of new or additional coverage. For example, the contractor may decide to change their construction market segmentation and contract to do more design-build projects in lieu of general construction projects.

For additional information about Online OSHA Safety Training and how we can assist you with your company’s construction insurance and risk management program requirements, please contact us

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