Loss Control Services

Insurance Loss Control Assessment Consultant

The Insurance Loss Control Assessment Consultant performs standardized or custom loss-control surveys for insurance agents, brokers and carriers. These very important surveys are used to assist the many customers exhibiting upward loss trends. The benefit can be seen as an aid to the insurers wishing to prescreen potential customers. Firms seeking insurance coverage may also benefit from the exact same surveys by using them to promote their very own safety successes.

Insurance Risks and Potential Losses

The extensive experience, in loss control and working with insurance carriers, which we have here at Online OSHA Safety Training, is exactly what your firm needs in todays volatile economy. The infinite insurance risks and potential losses that exists within any industry, call for a professional who is professionally trained as well.

Custom Loss-Control Surveys

At Online OSHA Safety Training, we understand what your company needs in order to satisfy insurance companies and lower your costs. Our custom loss-control surveys provide a detailed examination of your loss trends, and audits of both safety programs and facilities allow us to call attention to deficiencies, make recommendations for improvement, and identify opportunities for effective safety training.

Loss Control

The realm of Loss Control Surveys varies greatly in design and scope. Some are very detailed while others may be only short, concise recaps of the opinions of the creator of the report. Loss Control representatives of insurance companies (or their representatives) have traditionally prepared loss Control Surveys, but this is starting to change. With the rising costs associated with the preparation of these surveys it is little wonder that everyone is trying to save money anywhere possible.

Risk Factoring

A Loss Control Survey is meant to serve as a report containing analysis of a companys operations with a focus on occupational injury and illness exposures. The survey taker utilizes a combination of loss data, injury statistics and site visits to accumulate information for the Loss Control Survey. If warranted, the survey will contain recommendations designed to help the company reduce workers compensation losses.

Recommendations Section

A recommendations section of a Loss Control Survey contains many important aspects and factors. Recommendations, if warranted, are developed to counteract issues discovered in the process of developing the Loss Control Survey. Specific, well-defined recommendations can offer a useful action plan that will provide the company cost-effective strategies to reduce work-related injuries and illnesses.

Money Savers!

Loss Control Surveys can be seen as one of the most important money saving tools in any businesses repertoire. By developing sound countermeasures, Youre company can save money by avoiding sure losses.

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