Low Price Guarantee Policy

Our 100% Price Guarantee is just what it advertises itself to be! We know how important trust and the best price are to all of you hardworking folks out there and we practice what we preach with this 110% price Guarantee! We will beat any comparable or lower priced product by 10%!

In order to take advantage of this splendid limited time offer, simply call or click the live chat icon to speak to a safety training enrollment specialist. We are here to serve you and we aim to do that in great earnest 110% of the time!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All eligible claims must be made before purchasing (proactively) from Online OSHA Safety Training.com or no longer than 7 days after purchasing (retroactively) from Online OSHA Safety Training.com.
  • Lower Competitor Price Verifiable via Internet URL Address or Advertisement
  • Competitor Product of Comparable Value per Hours Offered, Type of Product (CE, Pre-licensing, CEU Credit Course, General Training Course, Course Package, etc.)
  • Competitor Product Comparable Delivery Method/Modality (Online, Textbook, E-book, etc.)
  • Low Price Guarantee NOT Applicable to Corporate/Bulk Purchases

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