OSHA 30 hour Construction Safety Course



OSHA and the US federal government have launched the outreach training programs to provide a resource to construction workers so that they can maintain occupational safety and health standards as stated by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Additional training may also be required as mandated by OSHA or the state. When this course has been successfully completed, participants will be given an OSHA 30-Hour Construction safety program completion certificate within the duration of three to eight weeks. This course is also compliant for online distribution.

Course Description:

This 30 hour construction safety course has been designed to train the workers in the construction industry regarding their rights and safety measures that need to be taken in an emergency. Everyone from safety directors and field supervisors to foremen and all workers in the construction industry should complete this course.

After the completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • State OSHA’s purpose and its functions.
  • Understand what is required and mandated during OSHA inspections.
  • Understand the requirements for passageway maintenance and proper aisle maintenance.
  • Protect yourself during accidents such as floor opening.
  • Take the emergency measures during a fire and comply with the fire safety egress program.

Time Required:

After enrollment, you will be required to successfully complete this course within six months. If you are unable to do so, you will not be awarded with the course completion certificate.


There will be many module quizzes, in which you will have to achieve a score greater than or equal to seventy to be eligible for further training instruction.

There will be a final exam and you will be given a course completion certificate only if you achieve a score of at least seventy in this exam.

As soon as you have completed the course, you will receivea temporary printable certificate. Within five weeks you will get your OSHA 30-hour construction safety program completion certificate.

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