OSHA Litigation Services

The need for a superior and well trained in both classroom settings and real world courts OSHA Litigation Support Expert is more important today than ever! The level of litigation support that any firm in the world today requires is something that cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

We are ready to assist you with recommending experienced safety consultants and attorneys in OSHA related matters. We can help you by recommending the appropriate OSHA expert witness in cases involving general construction, trucking, Slip and Falls, Fall Protection, Confined space entry, machine guarding, lockout/tag out, and many other disciplines.

We provide expert litigation support to both Defendant and Plaintiff so it matters not which side of the case law you fall under. At Online OSHA Safety Training, we know exactly what is required from a great OSHA Litigation Support Expert and fully understand what it is like to be without this essential resource!

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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