Understanding and Redefining the Role of Safety Training After BP Gulf Oil Spill Lesson

Safety training, what exactly does that term conjure up in your head as you process the terms? For the individuals that have either been directly affected by an environmental catastrophe like the recent and still-ongoing BP Gulf oil spill, to the indirectly affected citizens that live thousands of miles away from the spill site, there are different reactions to the same term phrase.

Online OSHA Safety Training

That is how it is for safety training as a defined entity, there really are numerous definitions and perception as well as experience has a lot to do with those answers. For the safety and health training professionals over at Online OSHA Safety Training the definition is not something that you will easily locate in a Websters or Oxford dictionary as theirs is derived from a combination of first-responder experience and safety training in general.

Great Chicago Fire of 1871

To understand exactly what safety training is one will have to look at the history of this fantastic and thoroughly mind-boggling industry. The realm of safety training, in America, started after a rash of industrial accidents in the late 1800s mostly from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 that killed hundreds and virtually gutted the Windy City. The safety courses, that are now so abundant on the Internet and the brick and mortar classrooms throughout the United States such as these listed below, all owe their very existence to the pioneers of safety training that unofficially and without the Federal backing of the US Government, created a safer work environment for all Americans today.

  • Online OSHA 10-Hour Construction Courses
  • Online OSHA 30-Hour Construction Courses
  • Online OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Courses
  • Hazwoper 40-Hour Course
  • Hazwoper 24-Hour Course
  • Hazwoper 8 Hour Annual Refresher
  • Hazwoper 1st Responder Awareness
  • Hazwoper 1st. Responder Operations Level

Role of Safety Training

Online OSHA Safety Training realized right away the impact that the Internet would have on the role of safety and health training in the United States. The combination of excellent safety materials combined with highly-trained and ultra-experienced counselors and instructors has set this safety training resource head and shoulders above the rest in the filed of industrial safety.

Masters of Safety Training

Please learn all you can about the role of safety training in America today and thank both the early pioneers that pre-dated OSHA as well as the masters of safety at Online OSHA Safety Training for being there for all of us in our greatest time of need. Please head on over to the site now and peruse around a bit and see exactly what real safety training has evolved into today. We all need you as the BP Gulf oil spill has taught us all.

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